DIY - Do It Yourself

NAPA Know How - Keeps your car running like new.

Tune-Up and Ignition

NAPA Know How - Keeps your car running like new.

Keeping your ignition system in tune provides you with the power when you need it. A good tune-up can also save gas through better engine operation. NAPA has an extensive selection of tune-up parts and related products, to get this done. . Including .... spark plugs, wire sets, ignition cables, distributors, electronic components, Echlin ignition parts, oxygen sensors, ignition switches, and glow plugs.

NAPA can help you with you with a lineup of diagnostic equipment and electrical tools, gauges, testers, and specialized tools to make that tune-up a breeze. Stop by today to see how we can help you get the job done with the good stuff.

Practice preventative maintenance by checking fluid levels frequently... like engine oil, ATF, brake fluid, power steering, and coolant. Always refer to your owner’s manual to identify the correct fluid type of for your specific vehicle.

Get all the manuals pertaining to your specific vehicle quickly and easily from NAPA. Including owner repair and DIY manuals from Haynes, and Chilton, along with an online reference from e-auto-repair.

diy Tools
  • Distributors
  • Echlin Ignition Parts
  • Electronic Components
  • Glow Plugs
  • Ignition Cables
  • Wire Sets
  • Ignition Parts
  • Ignition Switches
  • Oxygen Sensors
  • Remanufactured Components
  • Remanufactured Parts
  • Spark Plugs

diy Manuals
  • Repair Manuals
  • Auto Tech books
  • Auto Xtreme Books
  • Car Care CDs/DVDs
  • Spanish Manuals
  • Spanish Tech books
  • ATV Repair Manuals
  • ATV Tech books
  • Motorcycle Manuals
  • Motorcycle Tech books

diy Tools
  • Dwell Tach Gauges
  • Volt Analyzer
  • Plug Gappers
  • Feeler Gauges
  • Test Lights
  • Wire Testers
  • Trouble Code Keys
  • Spark Plug Socket
  • Wrenches
  • Screw Drivers
  • Hand Tools
  • Safety Glasses

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